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The Magic Fruit Kaffir Lime

by Master Jenny Ng

The Kaffir Lime is a small green fruit with rough skin which originated in Thailand, where it has long been used for cleansing and to help one get rid of bad luck and bestow good luck.  In our Chinese traditions, we have also long heard of how the Kaffir Lime can help to cleanse our body of negative energy and bring us good fortune.

In fact since I was a small child my mother always placed Kaffir Lime leaves and flowers in my bath water, especially during exam periods or after we had visited someone in hospital or attended a funeral. She believed that this enhanced our luck and cleansed any negative energy.

Many years later one of my spiritual mentors then shared with me the space cleansing technique of using the Kaffir Lime leaves and l decided to really put this magic fruit to the test. To my surprise and delight, it worked marvelously well and I could actually see my whole house sparkle after I had cleaned it.

My mentor also told me that this procedure of cleansing the house with Kaffir Lime is particularly important before the Lunar New Year, or when something major has happened in the family such as a serious illness, death or big argument.image003
So being inquisitive as usual, I cleaned my home with Kaffir Lime over a period of a few weeks and soon discovered that after every time I did the cleansing process something good happened to me, either in my business or in some other aspect of my life.

I then put the Kaffir Lime to a further test by asking my clients to use the same method as I did. One client told me that they had a lottery win after using the Kaffir Lime leaves to bathe in and clean their unit number.
Another client told me that when she bathed daily with the Kaffir Lime her boss was much nicer and she was given opportunities for progress and advancement.

Yet another client nearly divorced her husband when she caught him cheating. After I implemented some changes to the Feng Shui of her house and taught her this special cleansing method, she managed to save her marriage. Her actual feedback was that she could feel her entire house sparkle after she had finished the cleansing process.

There are many more stories of how this magic fruit has helped so many people in so many different ways and it seems that sometimes we just need to tap into Mother Nature and her wonderful natural source of solutions. So try this technique for yourself and see the marvel of the Kaffir Lime!

Space Cleansing Technique

image005I have been asked many times by clients how they should do space cleansing for their home, especially if they have purchased an existing apartment or house. Everyone wants a fresh start and a new beginning and is naturally concerned with what they can do to rid their home of any residual negative energy from the previous occupants.

There are many ways to do this, but what I am about to share with you is a proven method used by my spiritual Masters and is especially effective.

Traditionally the ingredients you will need are 9 Kaffir Lime leaves. However to make things easier we now have the Kaffir Lime essential oil, which is a wonderful product that I have been developing with my supplier over the past few years. Not only is this made with a high quantity of pure Kaffir Lime essential oil, but my supplier sends the limes, leaves and final product for chanting and blessing by Buddhist monks, hence the energy is different and very powerful.

1. Place 9 Kaffir lime leaves into a bucket of water. Remember the key is to crush the leaves so that they release their natural fragrance. Some leaves really emit a very strong smell and the stronger it is the more powerful is the cleansing effects.  Alternatively you may use 9 drops of Kaffir Lime Essential Oil.

2. With the bucket of water in hand start by cleaning all the major ‘Chi’ entry points into the house, beginning with the main door. Proceed with all the windows in the house, not forgetting the bedroom doors as well. This procedure symbolizes a new beginning and using 9 leaves or 9 drops means getting rid of any previous negative energy and having a new beginning. If you have any remaining water and you want to be more thorough, you can use this water to clean your furniture, mop the floor and wipe your walls and ceiling. The most crucial step however is to take care of all the ‘Chi’ entry points in the house. However the more thorough you are with the cleansing; the more powerful are the results.

3. Finally you should utilize the Kemayan smoke cleansing after all the previous procedures have been completed. You can use a few Kemayan incense cones together if you like and start this time from the main door and slowly move inwards, covering every sector of the house. Chant your preferred mantra and think positive thoughts as you move along, sending a bright light to shield every corner of your property from any negative energy.
Sometimes if you feel that the Chi of your home is getting stagnant, you can undertake this space cleansing procedure just to freshen things up.  Also I recommend my clients to use the Kaffir Lime cleansing for their home before the start of every Lunar New Year to give them a new beginning.

You can also undertake the Kemayan cleansing regularly to keep the energy of your house purified, preferably every week for best effects.
In addition space cleansing can be done if there are unfortunate events happening in the house like a recent demise of a family member or if you have experienced a run of bad luck and feel that everything is not going in the right direction. Therefore you can use space cleansing to get rid of the bad energy and start afresh.

To place your order for the Kaffir Lime essential oil in Australia please contact Master Janene Laird at www.fengshuistyle.com.au and for all orders in Asia please contact Master Jenny Ng at www.fengshui-connection.com Email: fengshui_connection@yahoo.com.sg.


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HUNG April 14, 2022 - 12:41 pm

Dear Jenny,
Many thanks for sharing more of kaffir lime, find it useful to apply.
keep up the good work.
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