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BaZi Series – About the General Star

by Mina Zheng

Previously I have written two articles for Feng Shui Today magazine. One is “About Peach Blossoms” and the other is “About Travel Horse”. These are both important stars/symbols in Bazi (Chinese Astrology) and identify a person’s outlook, relationships, character and movements in life.

This article is about the General Star (将星) (Jiang Xing), which is another one of the stars or symbols in Bazi. It relates to power and affects a person’s career, ability and influence.

The Ancient Chinese said: ‘将星文武两相宜,祿重权高足可知’. This means that people who have the General Star will be good scholars and/or military figures, masters of both pen and sword. They may also enjoy high power and social status.

To find the General Star you can look at the Year Branch or Day Branch from your Bazi Chart.

 Earthly Branch of the Birth Year/Day  General Star
 寅  Tiger , 午 Horse , 戌  Dog  午(wu) Horse
 巳  Snake , 酉 Rooster, 丑 Ox  酉 (you) Rooster
 申 Monkey, 子Rat, 辰 Dragon  子 (zi) Rat
 亥 Pig , 卯 Rabbit, 未 Sheep  卯 (mao) Rabbit

将星 (Jiang Xing) refers to a big general in the army, therefore the center of the ‘Three Combines” is the General Star.

If the General Star is supported by lucky stars, it will be more powerful.

If the General Star is in a position of Officer (正官) , the person is likely to hold power in his/her life. An example is if a person’s Day Master is Yin Metal 辛金 and they are born in the year of Dog and the month of Horse. The Horse is the General Star and also a Power Star for this person.

If the General Star also happens to be a Seven Killing 七杀or Goat Blade 羊刃then  this person may hold the power of life and death.

If the General Star also happens to be a Prosperity Star, then this person has a chance to be a treasurer.

If the General Star is not damaged and does not clash, then it is good for all kinds of careers and this person will have power over people, with leadership and influence.

If the General Star is in a death position at the time of life, then the power of the star is inactive.

If the General Star meets an inauspicious star, it will enhance the inauspicious aspect of life and may cause financial loss, accidents and injuries.

If the General Star happens to be a Robbing Money Star 劫财 and if the Robbing Money Star is unfavorable to the person, then the negative impact from the General Star can be very strong; enough even to send the person bankrupt. An example is a person with a Yin Water Day Master 癸水 who is born in the Monkey year and Rat month. The Rat (Yang Water) is the General Star, but also the Robbing Money Star.

The General Star can also appear in the Luck Pillars or in the annual year. For example, 2014 was a year of the Horse, so for people born in the year of the Dog, Tiger or Horse, they had the General Star for a year. If they already have the General Star in their Bazi, then the Year Star could enhance its power.

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