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Feng Shui Wealth Ship for Prosperity

by Master Jancy Tan

History tells the story of the Europeans began to enter China in the 19th century, and how the Emperor feared that all the wealth in the Forbidden City would be taken. The Forbidden City’s wealth was transported to Taiwan in large ships, hidden from the English and the French. Another bit of history about feng shui wealth ships is that when the Chinese arrived home from victorious battles they would carry treasure back on what they called “Wealth Ships”.

actual wealth ship in a very prosperous office in penang malaysia

Why Create A Wealth Ship?

Feng shui wealth ships are used to increase and multiply the inflow of wealth by sailing it into a home or business. They are usually filed with coins, gold, precious gemstones, and ingots (ancient form of Chinese gold).

The symbolic meaning of the wealth ship is the energy of abundance arriving into your port, so to speak. Placing a feng shui wealth ship in your home or office will serve to bring you better wealth and fortune, as well as increase the abilities of your business and profits.

Wealth Ship for Abundance

The sailing ship symbolizes abundance brought by the winds and waters. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, the sailing ship was a very popular symbol for many companies involved in the trading business, most famous of which was the East India Trading Company. Unknowingly then, many of the company’s managers would hang a beautiful picture of their sailing ships in their office, thereby causing them to enjoy excellent feng shui. Every student of colonial history knows how prosperous was the East India Company. Many Chinese banks and companies also used the sailing ship as their corporate logo.

How to Select a Wealth Ship

Choose a wealth ship that has room to fill it with coins, gems, gold pieces, and any other symbols of wealth or abundance. Collect the objects that speak specifically to you of Wealth. Avoid ships with cannons – what you want is a trading cargo ship, not a ship of war, we recommend this one below on Amazon fully assembled.

Fully assembled ship on Amazon with no cannons

Where to Place Your Wealth Ship

Place it near the entrance, sailing into your property on a low coffee table. Would be a bonus if it sails into your Success Direction based on your Gua number. It is important that the ship’s direction is carefully positioned.

How Many Wealth Ships Do You Need?

You can have more than one wealth ship. Having more symbolizes multiple sources of income. These can be placed in different rooms around your home and office

Maintaining Your Wealth Ship

When your ship feels too small, it is time to buy a larger one. It is recommended to keep it from being stagnant and symbolize continual growth that you add an extra coin, or gem to it once a month. If you would like to add wealth from around the world, add a foreign currency to the ship as well.

wealth ship for abundance


  1. First buy your ship we recommend this one as is has no cannons and it’s full assembled YOUR SHIP
  2. Place any Gods Of Wealth, or KWAN KUNG, to bring wealth luck into the household. Kwan Kung looks fierce and powerful, helping you overcome any competition. Place the God of Wealth at the front of the ship with a LOCK COIN.
  3. The NINE EMPEROR COINS represent continued wealth for nine generations. Their presence in your ship is essential in ensuring that your wealth stays in the family for a very long time. Use a minimum of 3 Brass, 6 Silver, 9 Gold Coins. Ideally the Coins (Gold) should be glued on around the ship.
  4. Beautiful GEM GLOBES, made of semi-precious stones are useful for energizing wealth luck coming from around the world. These lapis globe beads are an important ingredient for your wealth ship.
  5. WISH FULFILLING JEWELS are wonderful for activating a positive flow of Chi to actualize your wishes. Place one wish-fulfilling jewel in your ship, for each wish you make.
  6. CRYSTAL CHIPS symbolize immense wealth and prosperity. They are an excellent representation of immensely valuable cargo. When you fill your ships with them, they bring you a rich and luxurious life.
  7. PLACE REAL MONEY in as many currencies as you wish. Include loose change given to you by someone rich and wealthy. The chi from the pockets of successful people is always very powerful.
  8. The GOLD BAR has been designed with the celestial dragon in flight, symbolizing the attainment of riches and success. Place in your wealth ship to enhance your store of wealth together with a DRAGON AMULET.
  9. If you want success and power at work, let the ship bring you a scepter of authority Choose a RUYI that appeals to you.
  10. GOLD INGOTS are extremely auspicious because they signify material assets, representing savings and worth. Place as many ingots as you can inside your wealth ship.

Each time you pass the ship think, “This ship of wealth is bringing success, abundance and prosperity into our home.” This way, your mind energy helps to actualize your thoughts.

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