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BaZi and Love

by Madam Lee

In our regular feature ‘Ask Madam Lee’ we’ll take your most puzzling questions or persistent problems and ask our resident Feng Shui ‘expert’ Madam Lee to advise and guide you.  So if you have any relevant Feng Shui or IV Pillars of Destiny questions email them to us at madam.lee@fengshuitoday.com and well publish her response in our next edition.

Dear Madam Lee, I am a man in his late 30’s and I am sincerely looking for someone to share my life with.  Can you please suggest something I can do around my house to increase my chances of meeting that special lady? –  Mr. R from Port Melbourne

One of the best ways to help you find a partner is to have your Birth Chart analyzed with the IV Pillars of Destiny or BaZi, as this helps to determine the cycle of life you are in and whether it’s the right time to enter into a relationship.    If the answer is “yes” then there are a number of ways to utilize the Feng Shui in your home and increase your potential for a romantic relationship.

This can be done by placing certain objects in specific areas of the home which relate to your personal ‘Flower of Romance’ and also to the annual romance energy of the year.  These include:

  • Keep a round vase with fresh flowers in the personal ‘Flower of Romance’ sector of your home (as determined by your IV Pillars Birth Chart)
  • If you are a man place a metal object in the South sector of your home to activate the annual romance energy for 2013
  • If you are a woman place a bowl of water in the South sector of your home to activate the annual romance energy for 2013

However one of the things I always ask my clients to do when they are looking for love is to write a list of all the positive attributes they would like in a partner. This is not about height or hair colour, but more about character and the way they should approach life. Then the most important part is to become those qualities yourself. If you want honesty then be honest; if you want a non-drinker then don’t drink; if you want kindness and compassion then practice these qualities and you will be much more likely to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.   Once you have a new partner then I would recommend a BaZi compatibility check which should be carried out by an accredited Feng Shui Master that is very experienced in Chinese Astrology. 

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