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The Anticipation of a New Cycle

by Melynda Munro

Every nine years the annual flying stars come back to their original pattern with star Five Yellow in the centre. This is the original pattern of the Lou Shu often referred to as the magic square and this occurs again in 2022. The beginning of the cycle is like a reset, a new beginning and a fresh start, which is usually most welcome after the preceding year, which, like all years of completions and endings can be more challenging.


One way to get a sense of this cycle both personally and globally, is to look back every nine years starting with 2013 which was the last beginning cycle when flying star 5 yellow came back to the centre. What new beginning and opportunities presented themselves to you both personally and globally?  Did you avail yourself of these opportunities? Or were you too apprehensive because of the challenges of the year before?  Take a look at 2012, what was completed satisfactorily or what ended with you not dealing with it?

I have personally found in looking back that the ending years can have both frustrations and opportunities for stepping into more of a position of influence and leadership where the opportunity and situation matches my abilities and expertise, and the beginning years are just that, I nearly always stretch myself in commencing something new.

In 2013 I commenced the most enjoyable study for my soul and that was Ayurveda medicine, and the wonderful birth of our most beautiful granddaughter.

The centre of the Lou Shu is an earth palace and the point of transformation. Every star must pass through the centre giving us the opportunity to transform in the way of the unique characteristic and qualities of each individual star.

Currently we have star Six white, a benevolent power star that offers authority, leadership, brings forth mentors and helps in career when in balance. When out of balance it can bring dictatorship, forceful leadership and military action. We have seen both of these this year.

Use the transformation that is offered to you this year and find leadership through wise example, mentors who encourage responsible and knowledgeable independence through your own reasoning and perception and go forth and shine brightly.

Five is a transformation number as it is halfway between 1 and 9, and I often smile knowing that I am the fifth in my Masters lineage, the first four were males and with the fifth it changed to a female, me.

The year you were born can also be applied here; for example if you were born in a five year 1941, 1950, 1959, 1968 etc as it goes by nines, then 2022 will be more significant for you, and by the very nature of five being transformation, wherever you go in the world you transform the environment and the people you connect with in some way, bringing your unique way of caring, compassion and opinions to show the world.

Please use the table below to calculate your birth number, and remember the solar year starts on February the 4th, so if you were born before that date you belong to the year before, which is the next number.

We can go into the meaning of these numbers personally in another article.

The coming year 2022 brings the opportunity to begin something new, not necessarily to go back to the old, especially if it isn’t working.

Perhaps yes find a way to transform the old so it is reborn into something new.

So, if you haven’t already in this current completion and ending year of 2021 with star six in the centre, it is a great year to literally discard old attitudes, habits or behaviours that are holding you back from being in your own authority, this includes material things in your home or workplace that no longer serve you and are taking up valuable real-estate.

Please sell, donate or gift them, just don’t bring them into this next brand-new nine-year cycle.

There are of course other factors and formulas to consider in understanding the potential opportunities and challenges of the year ahead, but the reset of the flying stars is always anticipated with optimism.

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Linsey September 13, 2021 - 12:38 pm

Thank you Melinda for the update….it is good to look forward and let go of what no longer serves us……so good to have this article…..a reminder ….go well❤️


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