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Revitalize the Mouth of Qi- Let the Good Vibes In

by Petra Bezic
Feng Shui Home

In Feng Shui, the front door is one of the most important factors in your home. Through the front doors, a house absorbs its Qi, the universal energy that complements the positive energy inside our bodies and contributes to our well-being.

When space has a smooth Qi flow, people who live in the house experience a better quality of life. Think of an entrance as the vibe you get when you first meet someone; you want to make a pleasant first impression and create a welcoming atmosphere. Also, the entry is a Yang area, hence it is supported with activity.

We often block the flow of energy in the entryway with piles of shoes, jackets, bags, and all kinds of clutter. If chaos and mess is the first thing we encounter when we walk into our home, what kind of energy are we inviting in?

Your home should be the sanctuary, peaceful haven that evokes feelings of ease and well-being. If certain parts of your home cause feelings of frustration, there is a big possibility this sector is connected with some other areas of your personal or professional life that needs to be addressed.

Below are simple ways how to revitalize the energy of your entry and welcome in positive Qi.


The main door refers to the official entrance to the house. The main door is the portal of energy entering the home. To easily let the Qi in, the main door should open inwards.

Your front door should be the largest door in the house and in proportion to the house. This has a positive impact on wealth, career, and relationships in the home. The best material for the front door is solid wood, however, any material will do if the door is strong and makes you feel safe and protected.


Positive Qi is attracted to pleasant, inviting entries and the quality of energy that enters the home impacts the energy inside the house.  Qi should easily identify the front door and it shouldn’t rush into it, but slowly meander its way to it. The path to the front door should be inviting, well lit and smooth to navigate. Place lush and healthy plants along the path or at the side of the door to create an inviting and serene ambience.


Clean the clutter in and out of your entry. Clutter creates stale and stagnant energy that holds you back. Thoroughly wash the area in and out of your entry; the door, the floor, and the walls. Fix anything that is broken and replace things that are old and worn out. For instance, an old mat, a doorbell or light bulbs that are not working, dead plants, broken plant pots, etc.

Beautiful lighting fixtures, fresh flowers, or a healthy potted plant will add balance and create an inviting vibe that will spread to other areas of the home. A beautiful new mat signifies you are ready to welcome good energy and new opportunities.


Positive or healthy Qi likes to flow in a smooth, curved line taking its time to revolve and accumulate creating healing and supportive energy.

Negative or sick Qi moves fast in a straight line which can manifest as illness, loss of resources, challenges, and difficulties. Auspicious entry halls are wide and spacious, naturally flowing into the rest of the home. If your entry hall is long and straight, hang wall art and use organic-shaped objects and plants to slow the Qi down and allow it to accumulate.

Avoid sharp edges pointing to the entry, and remove any objects blocking the way. If you can walk down your entry hall without bumping into furniture, so will Qi.

If the entry hall is small and cramped install bright light, and use a large mirror to visually enlarge the space, but make sure the mirror doesn’t reflect the door.  Placing the mirror opposite the main door will reflect the Chi right back and prevent it from entering. Instead hang the mirror on the wall along the hallway, especially if the hall is long and narrow; it will visually open up space and slow the Chi from rushing through.


The facing direction of your front door and the element it is associated with will reveal the colours and objects that will support the energy of that direction.  However, unless it is bright red, colour is a weak elemental form in Feng Shui and you should only use this method if the particular colour complements and enhances the visual impression of the house. 

South is linked to Fire elements, so colours that activate that sector are reds, oranges, and purples, while North is ruled by the Water element which is activated with blue and black shades, mirrors or water features. West and Northwest are governed by Metal, hence all silver, greys, whites and metallic shades will complement the door facing these directions. East and Southeast belong to Wood which enjoys green and light blue shades and, of course, all wooden finishes. If your entry is facing South-West or North-East, these are Earth’s directions and relate to rich yellow and orange tones, terracotta shades, and browns.

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