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The BaZi of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

by Master Janene Laird

Born at 05.26 DST (04.26 LST) on 6th May 2019 at the Portland Hospital in London, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is the infant son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, otherwise known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Descended from the British royal family on his father’s side and an American working class family on his mother’s side, this is indeed a very special birth as not only is Archie the first half-American, bi-racial royal baby, but as a great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II, he is also seventh in line to the British throne and heir apparent to his father’s Dukedom of Sussex, Earldom of Dumbarton, and Barony of Kilkeel.

Rather than bestowing one of these titles on their son, Harry and Meghan decided instead that he should grow up simply as Master Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, feeling this would better suit his future life as a private citizen.

So what can Bazi reveal about this adorable little baby?  Well before we start our analysis we need to ensure that his Chart is correct by deducting an hour from his published birth time of 05.26 am.  This is because Daylight Saving (DST) was in effect in London and for Bazi we prefer to use Local Standard Time (LST).  Therefore his actual time of birth is 04.26 am.

Archie Mountbatten-Windsor (born May 6th 2019 @ 04:26 am)



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As always much information can be derived from the Day Pillar, without necessarily rushing into a Chart classification and analysis of the interaction between the prevailing elements.  This is certainly the case with Archie, as the first thing we notice is that he shares the same Day Pillar of Yin Water/Rabbit (癸 卯) with his Grand-Father, Prince Charles.

This particular Day Pillar is one of only four combinations where the Day Master ‘sits’ on their Nobleman Star and not only indicates success and accomplishment over a lifetime, but reveals that he is likely to find a spouse who will be of great help and support to him.

The next thing we can see from Archie’s Day Pillar is that the Rabbit (卯) is both his Academic and Study Hall Star.  The presence of these Stars in his Spouse Palace reveals that he will be a learned, artistic, sophisticated and eloquent man who will attract a partner that is also intelligent and articulate.  In addition the Study Hall Star indicates that he will learn things quickly, pick up new skills relatively easily and be capable of producing highly respected work.

Archie’s other Nobleman Star of the Snake (巳) is located beside the Rabbit (卯) in the Month Branch of his Birth Chart and although this represents his mother (Meghan Markle), it does not bestow quite the same auspicious influence.  In fact we find that people with their Nobleman Stars positioned side by side generally don’t have to work as hard for success to come to them and in some cases are even perceived as having an ‘easy life’.

So perhaps his family connections, inherent charm, intellect and talents, combined with the help and support of both his spouse and mother will open doors so that opportunities, achievements and success come more naturally, even effortlessly, to him.

Unfortunately the Snake (巳) also has the potential to cause other issues for Archie, as it’s the Birth Place of Metal and part of the 3 Harmony Metal Combination.  The adjacent Rabbit (卯) on the other hand represents the Peak Position of Wood and is part of the 3 Harmony Wood Combination.

Thereby an underlying Metal/Wood conflict is created in his Chart and a scenario where his Spouse Palace is under attack; which seems to suggest that his mother may not always approve of his romantic liaisons or necessarily see eye to eye with his spouse. However Meghan as a protective mother will need to get used to this, as Archie’s Luck Cycles indicate he will start dating between the ages of 15 to 19.

This Metal/Wood influence is likely to be most problematic for Archie whenever the Rooster (酉) or Ox (丑) comes along, as it does between the ages of 35 to 39.  As such he may experience some personal turmoil or change in his life, or health issues related to the Wood and Metal organs (as per Chinese Medicine), such as the liver, limbs, lungs, skin, nose and teeth.  He could also be more vulnerable to a knife injury (including minor surgery) involving his hands or feet and even a car accident.

And if that’s not enough then the Snake (巳) does it’s best to disrupt the natural Wood flow in Archie’s Birth Chart, as not only does it separate the Rabbit (卯) in the Day Branch from the Pig  (亥) in the Year Branch, but it also clashes with the Pig.

This suggests that he will not necessarily always welcome his mother’s input into his life and may perhaps feel that she is meddling or standing in the way of his hearts desires.  Furthermore the clash between the Snake (巳) and Pig (亥) indicates that either or both of his parents had to move from where his grand-parents grew up; which of course is the case with his mother who was born and raised in the United States.

Nevertheless even though the Rabbit (卯) and Pig (亥) are separated by the Snake (巳), they are still able to form a partial 3 Harmony Wood Combination, which allows Archie (as a Yin Water Day Master 癸) to Follow Output during the first half of his life.

In general people with Follow Output Charts enjoy a relaxed, laid back approach to life.  They are intelligent, sophisticated, have a pleasant disposition and appreciate the finer aspects of life.  However they do always need to produce, so this little boy is very likely to be a bright, active youngster who will keep his parents on their toes!

With this type of child it is wise to ensure they always have a positive outlet for their abundant energy and inquiring mind, as otherwise they can get into mischief.  So sports and lots of outside space to run around would definitely be a must for young Archie as he grows up.

If you are more familiar with the weak/strong method of Bazi analysis, then one may also argue that a Follow the Leader Chart classification can be made, due to insufficient self-element and/or resource support for his Yin Water (癸) Day Master.

Using this alternate method we would say that Archie was born in the early Summer season of the Snake (巳), with minimal support coming only from the Pig (亥) in his Year Branch and Yang Metal (庚) in the Hidden Heavenly Stem of the Snake (巳). However the Pig (亥) and Snake (巳) are in a clash relationship, which weakens them so they are unable to sustain the self-element.

As such this chart may be considered extremely weak and therefore succumbs to the strongest leading element, which in this case is Wood due to the Rabbit (卯) and Tiger (寅) in the Earthly Branches, plus Yang Wood (甲) in the Heavenly Stems. Thus we would consider this to be a Follow the Leader Chart.

Archie’s first Luck Cycle commences at birth, with the first five years (0 to 4) dominated by Yang Earth (戊).  This forms a Heavenly Stem Combination with his Yin Water Day Master (癸) and suggests that these early years are going to be very happy for him.

The Earth energy of the Dragon (辰) then prevails during the second half of this Luck Cycle (5 to 9 years of age), which could be an issue as it relates to his Wealth element. Ideally this influence should come later in life, when he is old enough to respond to the business/money opportunities or financial issues which it may bring, according to whether it is favorable or not.

In a young child however it can increase the potential to spend time away from one or both of their parents for various reasons such as illness, work, boarding school or divorce.  So perhaps Archie may not always accompany the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their official overseas tours, but remain at home with the nanny?

The only time that this Dragon (辰) Luck Cycle will not be problematic for him is during the Yang Earth/Monkey (戊申) year of 2028.  This annual influence is very good for Archie as he once again benefits from the Heavenly Stem Combination between Yang Earth (戊) and his Yin Water (癸) Day Master. Furthermore the Monkey (申) creates a partial 3 Harmony Water Combination with the Dragon (辰) which brings a more favorable Water energy.

The following year Archie turns 10 years old and moves into a new Luck Cycle, which features his most Useful Elements of Fire and Wood.  As a Follow Output (Wood) Chart his most Useful Elements are Wood and Fire, as these provide him with an expressive or creative outlet and enable him to produce.  Fortunately these favorable energies feature in all his Luck Cycles from 10 to 34 years of age, which suggests that he will enjoy an extended period of good fortune.

As mentioned earlier however, the years from 35 to 39 could well be significant with some sort of change, turmoil, illness or accident indicated.  As such the course or focus of his life may shift, as he effectively begins a new chapter.

Regardless however of where life leads Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor and whatever obstacles or challenges he may be called upon to navigate, one thing is clear and that is what a remarkable, intelligent, talented young man he will be and like his parents and paternal grand-parents before him, destined to leave his mark on this world.

References: Wikipedia and Dr. Jin Peh

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