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Eastern and Western Astrology – A conversation between two languages

by Danielle Moody

I have loved Astrology for as long as I can remember. It was a language I could not explain but felt had a resonance with me. As a child, I would anticipate my afternoon walk or bicycle ride to the local corner store to buy the afternoon newspapers for my grandfather. Two were available at the time, The Sun and The Daily Mirror.

They both cost 12 cent each and if I was lucky, I would be allowed to keep the change from 30 cents. This was the first bonus the after-school adventure would provide. The second was turning towards the back of the paper, where I would eagerly look for my zodiac reading to see if the day had faired as expected.

I would devour the insights provided by the author and decide whether they had in fact related to the experiences I had that day. Then, I would ask my grandfather what his day was like, to compare his outcomes versus the predictions written before me. Even in those early years, I was not satisfied with what I read, I had to seek proof to support the zodiac claims.
Time went by and my interest in the stars continued. I would look towards the night sky and barely contain my excitement toward to grandeur and potential above. It was and continues to be pure beauty for me…

Over time, it became clear to me that astrology was a cross culture topic. Both the East and West find answers, understanding, counsel and conversation through insights, concepts, principals and forecasts. My interest in both Eastern Astrology (Bazi) and Western Astrology (Zodiac) stems from the possibility of each language providing similar information. Over the years, I have decided to research and gain education in each field, to further comprehend the knowledge they offer.

By using the following criteria, we can interpret:

Bazi (Eastern Astrology) Zodiac (Western Astrology)
The Five Elements The Four Elements
Yin and Yang Modes
Chinese Animals Zodiac Signs
Weak or Strong Qualities Houses
Day MastersPlanets
Luck PillarsTransits
Heavenly Stems ChartRulers
Earthly BranchesArchetypes

The beauty of using these languages to interpret your birth chart is fascinating. When we can decipher material in a natal chart and reveal possibilities for ourselves, family, friends or clients it is illuminating. The exploration into the chart can provide worthy information including:

Eastern AstrologyWestern Astrology
Pillars – Years, Months, Days and HoursHouses (Area of Life)
Children – Hour PillarChildren – Fifth House
Spouse – Day Pillar SpouseSeventh House
Friends – Day Pillar FriendsEleventh House

This list is in no way exhaustive, and we could explore its possibilities for almost as long as time permits. What is wonderful, is the potential this blueprint holds to provide wisdom, insight, sensitivity and a useful tool to the reader. Once armed with this knowledge, we can use discernment to make decisions, time events, invest wisely and move forward with greater understanding of possible options, opportunities, and outcomes for our greater good.

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