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Four Pillars of Destiny Practical Ten Gods

by Dr Jin Peh

The Ten Gods system is an approach to analysing Bazi charts that takes into account five aspects of a person’s life: Resource, Output, Wealth, Power and Siblings. Traditionally, it has been associated with a very conservative and outdated approach to life, for instance, women with a mixture of power elements i.e. indirect power Seven Killings and direct power may be considered as having low morals.

This book removes all the hearsay and speculation from the Ten Gods approach by making it relevant to modern living. The Ten Gods approach is divided into seven chapters with two each for the Power and Output elements and one each for Wealth, Resource and Siblings. More emphasis is placed on the Power and Output aspects of life as they provide more information about a person’s life.

The theoretical principles are backed up by numerous examples of celebrities that are known for their professional success and achievements. Readers will be able to understand the application of the Ten Gods principles of Bazi analysis by considering the 300 examples that are contained in this book.

The book is now available on Amazon:

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