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Feng Shui Enhancers – Year of the Dragon

by Master Ray Goh

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to create supportive living spaces which benefit those people who occupy them. In fact it has been shown over and over again that the energy of an environment (known as qi) can positively or negatively affect a persons health, wealth and relationships.

Each year our homes and places of business are also impacted by annual energies which bring another layer of Feng Shui for us to consider. Below is a summary of the location of the 9 Flying Stars for 2024 and the recommended enhancers or remedies which should be implemented between the 3rd and 4th of February.

Please take note that the Solar calendar used in both Feng Shui and Bazi starts on 申时 4th February 2024 for 甲辰 (Dragon year) and also officially marks the start of Period (9) Nine.

Summary of Flying Star Annual Energies – 2024

(9) Prosperity energy from Southwest can be activated by lighting/movement/activity/fire
(1) Opportunities & Noblemen energy – East can be activated with activity/movement/water
(8) Property & Investment Energy from the North activated by earth, water & movement
(6) Career luck energy from Northeast can be activated with earth, water & metal objects
(4) Relationship/Love/Education/Research Luck – Northwest activated by water/plants/flowers
(2) Sound of wind-chime or metal for Southeast sector to subdue the illness
(7) Salt water cure for South to minimize robbery, theft, scam or losses
(5) Sound of wind-chime or metal objects for West sector to reduce calamities
(3) Middle sector of property to be best remain undisturbed & calm prevent dispute

Please note that enhancers are ONLY applicable to good sectors and not applicable to bad energy sectors! Apply these based on those do’s and dont’s which have been given to you during a full Feng Shui consultation. Also remember that your house formation/landform takes priority, plus your personal yearly chart which is based on your Bazi D.O.B.

In addition, simple basic items like flowers, light, water and activity are GOOD enough for sector energy activation or enhancement if you decide to implement, but if not observed you will not have any problems or mishaps.

Furthermore remedies like wind-chime, bells and saltwater is a SUFFICIENT cure for the yearly affliction and expensive symbolic objects are not necessary unless for decoration. DO NOT ACTIVATE this yearly energy unless you are sure that the house energy sector is not harmful or in conflict!

Other Yearly Afflictions to consider are:

(三杀) Three Killings – Sitting South avoid renovation/earthwork or good date must be selected
(太岁) Year God Location in 120° East-3 avoid reno/earthwork or good date must be selected
San Sha 三杀 or Tai Sui 太岁 – For any renovation or earthwork correct date must be selected and synchronized with Tian Di Ren.

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