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Hong Kong Feng Shui through a Foreigners Lens

by Danielle Moody

Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics are subjects that have intrigued me for as long as I can remember. As a primary school student, my interest and rapture with Chinese and Hong Kong History was engaging. At the tender age of 8, I was guided to learn to use chopsticks during weekly dinners at the Galaxy restaurant and this fascination with a foreign culture continued throughout my teenage years. Our High School history teacher amplified our learning of Oriental culture by not only teaching us of Ancient Dynasties and practises within the classroom, but expanded that experience by taking us to Chinatown and indulging in Chinese gourmet delicacies at local restaurants.

Along with pork dumplings, fried rice and sweet and sour combinations, we were encouraged to explore the daintiness of the murals on the restaurant wall and note the delicate patterns on tablecloths. Tapestries depicting ancient people wearing elegant robes and unusual headwear surrounded us. Symbols of “Double Happiness” appeared everywhere, or were they designed to represent wealth coins? We didn’t know, nor care. The mystery of the symbols, opulence, goldfish, red and gold décor, patterned tableware and all things completely foreign to me transported us to a different place and time and we were very grateful for the change.

Years pass by, a career in investment banking unfolds, yet my curiosity of Eastern traditions continues. I read about Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology (well, devour every conceivable book about these subjects in English would be a more accurate account of events) and I book a consultation for my Australian home. The consultant walks around and affirms the assessment I had made and leaves suggesting I may enjoy living overseas. Months later I depart for Singapore.

Fast forward a couple of decades and I find myself living in Asia and thankful I have all this and more on my doorstep. My interest in the history of this land didn’t wane and learning about Chinese Metaphysics and Feng Shui expanded my childhood wonder.

I currently live in what is known as the world city of Feng Shui. Hong Kong is positioned on the brilliant and iconic Victoria Harbour and is an immediately recognisable cityscape by many across the globe. The placement of this cosmopolitan city is no mistake. The energy of the Dragon settles and accumulates in the ideal place.  This city is palpable and its vibrancy is beyond compare. From street and financial markets to skyscrapers, iconic racecourses to rural villages, this city has it all. Hong Kong is home to some of the most prosperous individuals and businesses on the planet and offers fabulous energy to its inhabitants.

International corporations, iconic hotels, billionaire tycoon’s, successful individuals and generational families use the principles of Feng Shui to maximum effect. Consultants are booked on a regular basis to amplify client opportunities and minimise pitfalls. Annual reviews are booked without fail.  City towers are designed and built with specific Feng Shui calculations in mind, theme parks are positioned so their entrance is at the right compass degree and architects and consultants are employed to design the perfect layout for homes.

Feng Shui is a big, yet often subtle practice here. The illustration of its application can be obvious. If you were to pass the HSBC building at Statue Square, you would see protective Lions at the entrance. These guardians are believed to guard the energy arriving at the door. The placement of the building itself utilises the breath-taking view of Victoria Harbour and the auspicious energy that body of water delivers. Cannons on the roof are also installed to combat negative energy from a nearby building. These applications highlight more obvious Feng Shui remedies available. In contrast, large boulders with corresponding earth element number configurations can be seen in neighbouring buildings. These subtle remedies provide the same support, in a less obvious way.

The application of this craft is truly amazing and the use of it in this city is wonderful.  These are ancient philosophies which have been carried through centuries and still hold true today. These principles bring with them mystique, wisdom, culture, a timeless beauty and quantifiable results, which are truly beneficial.

I have visited this land for over last 25 years or so, and have seen Hong Kong benefit from tremendous energy and go from strength to strength. It will be fascinating to see if the energy and benefits from Feng Shui continue beyond the Age of 8 and into the Age of 9.

Time will tell beyond February 2024, but I wait with excitement and anticipation as to how it will unfold.

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