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Taking A Reading

by Dr Jin Peh

If you have been present at a professional feng shui consultation, you will have seen the master using the traditional feng shui compass, or luo pan taking a reading to determine the orientation of the home or front door.  Some consultants stand in the centre of the home to measure the facing direction, but the problem with this approach is that for irregularly shaped properties it is difficult, if not impossible, to determine the centre with precision.

An easier approach would be to stand with your back parallel to your front door while holding a compass and look outwards. If using a western compass, hold it anywhere between the chest and waist; a luo pan should be held at waist height. Ensure your back is at a slight distance from, and not in direct contact with, the door. 

Remove any metallic watches, belts or jewellery, as this may affect the accuracy of the reading. There are also external environmental features that may interfere with the reading, such as metallic doors, adjacent lift shafts and electric wires or boxes. To reduce such interference, move away from the front door until the needle settles.

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