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House Lot Shapes (Get in Shape)

by Dr Jin Peh

In feng shui terms, free-standing houses are best served by plots that are rectangular, or ones that are narrower at the front, and broader and higher at the rear. Plots with these characteristics suggest the occupants will prosper, with future generations enjoying further good fortune. A house lot with the opposite attributes produces the opposite effects: descendants will not enjoy the same benefits that the current occupants have. 

Some feng shui masters recommend installing lights on poles to lift the energy of a property. Planting bushes and trees at the front of a house ‘turns’ one that narrows into one that is square. Relocating the front entrance so the lower end becomes the front end is another option.

For those living in apartments, the overall shape of your flat is important. Avoid moving into apartments that tail off or narrow significantly from the main door to a single room. It’s better to choose those with a regular shape. 

The plot in which your apartment building stands is another consideration: there should be a higher structure behind it (a building or mountain). If the plot is on the edge of a precipice, occupants will feel extremely unsettled.

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paolina December 12, 2021 - 3:24 am

Dear Sir thank you for your article, I’ve been looking for information about a pentagon-shaped lot. The home I’m inquiring about has a front home at the base of the pentagon (with adequate space on each side)shape of lot is a balanced shape like a rectangle. The sides widen to the back yard to then join at a 90-degree point in the center back at a good distance from the house and the point area has trees and shrubs in front of it. would this be a favorable land with a home?

Jin Peh December 30, 2021 - 5:16 pm

Dear Paolina, thank you for your question. It is always better to have a plot of land that is wider at the back relative to the front. I cannot really comment without seeing a picture or the layout of your property. Remember that the back of the property should always be wider than the front of the property. Regular shapes like rectangles and squares are preferable.


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