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What Day Is a Good Day For a Haircut

by Emma Philo

Planning when to cut your hair is essential to keep your hair looking lush and healthy. That silky, glossy look that you long for can only be maintained if you carefully study what days you should be getting your hair cut. Choosing the wrong day can be detrimental to your hair’s condition – getting it trimmed during the Spring Festival season can even bring bad luck.

Coco Chanel said that when a woman wants to cut her hair, it’s because she wants to change her life. We all love a makeover, so make sure it’s a productive one by choosing the right day. Otherwise you’re going to all that effort for nothing! It is recommended that you trim your hair once a month to avoid split ends and improve growth, so you need to make sure you’re picking the day wisely.

The whole point of choosing your date wisely is for several different goals – not only do you want thick and strong hair, you’ll also selecting a day that will beautify your hair and strengthen your roots. Hair has a sacred meaning which is why it can be associated with astrology and is seen as a guide between us and the universe.

A good way to start is by selecting a day that will reinforce your roots and everything stems from having healthy roots and a nourished scalp. Alongside a real haircare routine, choosing the right day will revolutionize your hair.

Date selection is based on a lunar calendar. The waxing moon at lunar spring or summer (the first to fifteenth lunar days) is the perfect occasion to get your hair cut. It is seen astrologically as the ideal time for a haircut because it represents energy and lusciousness – just what you want from your lovely locks. The waxing moon will help your hair grow back thicker and quickly. It will allow your roots to become stronger as well.

Looking into the rulership of the sign the moon will be in on the day you plan to get your hair cut is another important detail – it is recommended that you wait for Earth signs such as Virgo and Capricorn to assure attention to detail during your trim. Other signs that could be preferable for glossy, healthy hair and amazing growth would be water signs such as Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

If the Moon is in Aries, you should not be getting your hair cut, it is unfavorable because it will lose its quality – as we mentioned before, you would be going to all that effort for nothing, and you need to remember your hairdresser is human, and can’t fight the lunar calendar! Another unfavorable time is if the Moon is in Sagittarius as the hair won’t hold form. Stick to your water and Earth signs for a guaranteed success!

The sixteenth to the thirtieth day, so the waning moon, is not such a great period to get your hair cut. Why? As indicated in the name, the waning moon is disappearing, and if you get your hair cut during this period, it will grow back weaker.

You should also not get it cut during the New Moon as this is seen as a difficult period for your body, any time the moon disappears, so will hair growth, which is why it is wiser to cut it under a Full Moon or during solstices and equinoxes. Our body is strongly affected by natural rhythms, and it is important to make the most of Lunar energy and get your hair cut – even a slight trim will help you clear up this energy before the moons wanes again.

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