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2021 Feng Shui Flying Stars

by Master Nguyen Thanh Phuong

Among many schools of traditional Chinese Feng Shui, the most well-known school for annual prediction is the Purple White Flying Stars School. 2021 is the year of Metal Ox and the positions of nine stars are described as below. Bear in mind that you need to take appropriate actions in corresponding 8 directions in order to embrace a prosperous year ahead.

Following are detailed analysis of Feng Shui Flying Stars in 2021 along with cures and activation’s.

Center Sector: Six White Star (Neutral)

Six White Star represents legal problems, sues and leadership. Be careful if you are using a stove island as it may cause problem for husband and father. A staircase or bathroom in the central palace may bring health issues such as headache, stomachache for occupants in the house. You can hang a brass wind chime to cure in this case.

Northwest Sector: Seven Red Star (Inauspicious)

Seven Red star indicates financial loss, dispute, thief and injury. If you need to deposit or withdraw money from the bank, try to avoid Northwest direction. If your home’s main door at the Northwest sector, use a blue mat to cure. Do not put any metal objects like wind chime here as it may aggravate the situation.

West Sector: Eight White Star (Auspicious)

Eight White Star will visit the west direction this year. Considered the most auspicious star in period 8 (2004 – 2023), this star will promote wealth luck for anyone using West Sector. Just spend some time here throughout the year to activate your money luck. If your main door at the West palace, you will be enjoy a prosperous 2021. If your bed at the West Sector, please spend a few minutes reading books on investment, wealth management before sleep, as you may earn more money this year.

Northeast Sector: Nine Purple Star (Auspicious) & Grand Duke

This star is beneficial for anyone working in the showbiz, hospitality, sales and marketing, cosmetic industry as this Fire Star represents happiness and beauty. In 2021, in order to activate this auspicious star, you should put a light in Northeast sector. Chinese lanterns, candles or light up also symbolize Fire element, therefore can activate this star also. 

Grand Duke will also fly to this area. This means you should keep this sector quiet and free from any disturbances, construction or renovation to avoid disasters.

South: One White Star (Auspicious)

This star will bring good news of career promotion, fame, relationship and even fortune. To usher the wealth energy, you should place a small fish tank. If you are singles, you can put a flower vase here to activate peach blossom luck. Roses are best but you’d better cut its thorns as sharp thorns symbolize emotional hurt.

North: Two Black Star (Inauspicious)

Two Black Star represent minor illness. Children or elders should try to avoid using bedroom at the North sector. If your stove is at the North sector or sitting North, you can put a salt water jar to absorb the negative energy. If your main door is at the North sector, make sure that you hang a brass wind chime to drive away sickness.

Southwest Sector: Three Green & Year Breaker (Inauspicious)

Three Green is a star of gossips, quarrelsome which may lead to lawsuits, dispute and couple arguments. If your bed is at the Southwest sector, remember to put a red lamp to cure this quarrel star. If the main door to your working office is at the Southwest palace, you’d better remove anything in green color, especially plants and use red ribbons or hang a red lantern to burn the inauspicious wood energy. The Southwest sector is affected by Year Breaker energy so that you should keep this area quiet all year long to avoid mishaps.

East Sector: Four Green Star (Neutral)

Four Green represents good luck of education, examination and even romance relationships. For students who wish to have better examination results, they can put a Wen Chang pagoda or a bamboo plant on the east side of study room. One should also keep this sector clean and tidy to better acquire new knowledge. The east sector is also the area of Three Killings, which is very negative Yin energy so one should refrain from cutting trees, earth digging, construction or any renovation here.

Southeast Sector: Five Yellow Star (Inauspicious)

The calamity Five Yellow Star will visit Southeast sector in this year 2021. This star causes bankruptcy, serious illness, accidents and even death in some worst cases. If your main door at the Southeast sector or even facing Southeast direction, you’d better hang a wind chime outside to cure. If your bedroom or bedhead at the Southeast palace, you should place a Hu Lu gourd (calabash), a salt water jar or 6 emperors coins. Since the Five Yellow Star is earth element, the best cure would be anything made of metal. You are advised not to do any earth breaking, construction or renovation here as it will bring about the worst disasters such as sickness, financial loss and death in 2021.

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