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2021 Shen Sha Forecast for Twelve Earthly Branches

by Master Anna Zarasyan

The Ox is a strong creature. So strong, that not many farmers like keeping one. It is patient and hardworking, but when it gets annoyed its force is unstoppable. It smashes all on its way.

The Metal Ox (Xin Chou) is slowly approaching. Its heavy motion can already be felt with the arrival of the lunar month of the Ox which started on the 13th of January. It will gradually come out from the shadow making its presence felt. The Sun starts shining upon it with the arrival of Li Chun on the 3rd of February 2021. This is when the Chinese Solar New Year begins.

Most of the time, the beginning of the Solar New Year takes place after the Lunar New Year starts. This year the Lunar New Year takes place on the 12th of February and traditionally, people would see this as a bad omen.

In the olden days, anything going against the ‘norm’ was taken with caution, as people were trying to be careful. Nowadays we look at things differently. We are much more open to out-of-the-range experiences. Not sure whether we are more resilient, but we tend to think that we are. Being far more technologically advanced makes us oblivious to danger.

Annual Pillar 辛丑 Xin Chou Metal Ox

The annual pillar for 2021 is 辛丑 Xin Chou in which the Yin Metal Xin is sitting on the Yin Earth Ox Chou.

Xin stands for value, beauty, luxury objects and sophistication. It is also a symbol of danger and dangerous items, such as needles, knives, bullets. Amongst its other attributes are:

toxins, insects, crime and criminals, viruses and vaccination. We can already observe how these attributes get manifested in global events.

In combination with Chou Ox, heavenly stem Xin is strong. It is rooted in the branch, while being produced by it.   Earth produces Metal.

Ox is one of the treasure boxes containing hidden stems Ji YinEarth, Xin YinMetal and Gui YinWater.  Surrounded by its resource (IR) and output (HO), it can show its best, as well as its worst qualities. This strength comes to surface in the heavenly stem Xin, making its impacts felt, visible and hard to escape.

Chou is the second earthly branch in the row of twelve. It is Yin Earth which corresponds to Gen trigram and represents late winter and the youngest son. Gen is a symbol of wealth, both material and spiritual. At the end of the winter, the element of Water goes into storage and Metal element goes into the grave.

The quality of the Earth is cold and dry, it cannot produce in the absence of Fire. Even though the Fire is not present, in theory it is already there, getting ready to be born. During the month of the Ox, Fire goes through the Nurture stage (getting ready to be born in Yin Tiger).

Based on the character of the annual pillar we can deduct that this year is about being patient, strong and resourceful. While being restricted (the lockdowns will continue in many countries) we may stumble across something of great value, which we already have in our own personal treasure box, so this year is also about self-discovery and spiritual growth.

As the people, we may start re-discovering our history, culture and the land where we live.

Shen Sha is a traditional way of calculating annual luck. It was used by the old masters when most people did not know when they were born. Masters used only the year of birth pillar (branch or stem, depending on the system) to make a prediction. This makes predictions quite general.

For a detailed forecast, we need to assess all four pillars and the current luck cycle in relation to how they interact with the annual Qi.

Let us have a look at what this year has in store for different zodiac signs.

子 RAT will enjoy another exciting year, but this time it will be much more positive. The Saddle Star will help you to progress academically. Learning new things will be easy for you. If you are already an accomplished professional, your will get rewarded for your efforts. Your achievements will get recognized and you could get promoted, or you could get a better job.

Moving forward financially however could be tricky, but a steady growth of your wealth is possible. This is a good year to work on your long-term financial strategy.

At the same time, you may experience some health issues, as your immune system is a bit weaker than usual. These are the impacts of the star of Illness. Take extra precautions to prevent infection related illness.

You may also need to adjust your working schedule to create a better work-life balance.

If the Water element is contributing positively into your chart, this year you may expect changes to your social status or relocation to a more affluent area.

丑 OX may have to face certain challenges. As we know, offending the Tai Sui tends to create stressful situations in at least one area of your life. It would be wise to exercise caution and avoid risky activities for the whole year.

Your health may need extra care. This is especially important for the ladies who plan to start a family.

Fu Yin with one of the earthly branches in your chart or with one of the pillars (especially if this is your year pillar) may also point to sad events beyond your control. Such events could create financial or personal losses. Nevertheless, Fu Yin could still be beneficial if clashes away a negative star from your BaZi.

This year you may develop an interest in metaphysics, philosophy or arts. The Talent Star could help you to be more creative. If your work involves planning and strategizing, you may expect to achieve success.

Despite the Fu Yin, it is possible to have a successful year, providing you stay humble and keep a low profile.

寅 TIGER will gain respect andincrease in status.This is especially true for men, because of the Yang nature of the Sun star.There will be many opportunities for you to prosper, making new friends and meeting noblemen. This year is great for exams, career and enjoying good fortune. You may finally meet someone special to fall in love with or get married.  

In a difficult situation, you will be supported by the Heavenly Doctor who is looking over your shoulder this year.

It is in your nature to be constantly on the go, but this year you may need to include into your schedule some ‘me’ time. The Sky Emptiness star may also create a sense of alienation and being unsettled.

You may experience stressful moments related to finances or due to re-emergence of the old health problem.

It would help if you could lower your expectations just a bit. Having a more realistic view would help you to make well calculated moves, so that you could leap forward in a careful manner. This is what Tigers do.

卯 RABBIT may have another year of emotional events, which may prove to be draining. The Funeral Door star implies the possibility of the passing of a loved one, or stress associated with your own health issues. Visiting your doctor is a good idea.

Be careful around fire and on the water to prevent incidents.

At work, there is a possibility of customer dispute or a conflict amongst the co-workers. To stay out of trouble, which is what the Lasso star signifies, you may need to be more careful with what you say.

The ancient masters recommend that during a year such as this, you should avoid going to funerals and visiting people in hospital as it is better to reduce your exposure to the Qi of sickness and death.

Looking after your emotional health could help you to be in good spirits throughout this challenging year.

辰 DRAGON will have a year of ups and downs.  On the one hand Dragons will be as popular, charming and attractive as ever. On the other hand, their love life could become messy, which could lead to sex scandal and legal issues. The Hook star is not easy to pacify, so try to keep your flirting under control, or you may get into the firing line, together with your impeccable reputation.

If you stay focused on business and career this year, you will succeed. The Heaven Wealth star is supporting you.

Avoid challenging your boss, as he or she may retaliate. Some people are not as open to criticism as you may expect. Any silly dispute may get blown out of proportion and you may get all the blame, regardless of whether anything is your fault at all.

For ladies or for businesses which look after women (beauty salons, hairdressers, cosmetic surgeries etc.), this year will bring luck and opportunities. The Moon star empowers women making them more assertive. Boyfriends and husbands would be surprised how their always agreeable second half responds to being challenged. Let her spend. As I have mentioned earlier, do not challenge your boss!

巳 SNAKE needs to show this year how generous they are. Making a donation to a good cause could help them to mitigate the Five Ghosts star. Snakes may have a chance to buy a property or to switch over to a new career.

If you are planning to do exams or qualification assessment this year, the results could be better than expected due to the 3 Stage star. 

It is possible that somebody close to you may pass away this year. Being prepared in advance could make it easier to deal with the situation.

The Officer Talisman is about potential gossip or scandal. Keeping a low profile, staying humble and paying your taxes could prevent unpleasant exchanges and penalties.

The Emperor Seal brings you career luck and promotion. There will be many opportunities to meet people of high status, which is especially lucky for government employees. People who are entering politics this year will especially benefit from this star.

午 HORSE may discover that this is a perfect year to find the true love.

On the one hand, you will be eloquent and attractive in every way. Peach Blossom Star brings the romance luck. This star is beneficial for people in entertainment industry and sales.

Jade Hall star would assist in creating good reputation, affinity with the opposite sex and academic luck.  If there are plans to upgrade your qualifications or enroll in an academic degree, the Academic Hall star will support your efforts.   

On the other hand, you need to avoid a hazardous environment and arguments. Luck is not on your side should you get in the way of the Death Talisman star.

To improve your wealth luck, it would be beneficial to renovate your house or to help relatives financially. You may also need to put aside some funds for unexpected spending, such as buying gifts or repurchasing lost items. Going into a joint business venture this year could create financial disputes.

If you were planning to have cosmetic or plastic surgery, it would be better to postpone it. You are beautiful as it is.

未 GOAT may learn many valuable lessons this year. As we know, life’s experiences come in two kinds: pleasant and beneficial. This year is all about beneficial experiences. 

The Year Breaker is always about life transformation and changes. It is also about the courage and strength to turn negative into positive.

During this turbulent year, you may lose your sense of direction, but feeling vulnerable is counter-productive. Instead, try to focus on improving your health and finances by taking small steps. This is not the time to take risks.

Big Loss star is about letting things go. It is a matter of choice, either you give things away, or they will be taken. Gambling could result in substantial losses.

There is the potential for situations in which your freedom could be restricted. This could have something to do with health restrictions, quarantine, or it could be just getting stuck in the lift. You may consider planning ahead and letting your family know where you are. Avoiding risky places and unpredictable scenarios could help you to manage the influence of the Hinder Pole star.

The good news is that you will not be left at the mercy of your adversaries, whoever they are. The Earth Relief star will keep you safe.

Older people should do a thorough health examination.

申 MONKEY is one of the luckiest zodiacs in 2021. They need to prepare for happy events, such as getting married or engaged. Monkeys are also enjoying romance luck amongst other numerous blessings.

People in management positions will enjoy wealth luck. The Dragon Virtue star will enable smooth sailing in business and personal life, as well as protection from negativity.

At the same time, you need to avoid getting over-extended trying to satisfy other people’s demands. Sky Danger star prompts you to improve your health and fitness. However, engaging in risky sports should be avoided.  

酉 ROOSTER will enjoy smooth sailing in business and career, which could translate into financial benefits. The General star will support a new business venture, investment, entering politics or being elected. This star is also about exam luck.

While enjoying professional and financial success you need to avoid risky sports, such as for example, diving.

This year Roosters are prone to accidents, injuries and backstabbing by their friends. To mitigate the influence of the White Tiger Deity you can donate blood or extract a tooth.

Invasive health procedures should be avoided if possible.

The powerful Relief God and Heaven Relief stars will mitigate negative effects of any inauspicious stars, keeping you safe and happy.

戌 DOG will enjoy academic success and develop a good reputation this year.

The Saddle Star will help you to move house and change living conditions, if this is what you want. Even though many borders are now closed, this star of travelling will create opportunities for you to travel and keep you safe.

The Fortune Star will bring you love and affection of others. You may count on getting more treats and pats on the back.

Still, you may feel lonely in your immediate social environment. The Lonesome Star will pass, so there is no need to assign the blame to anyone.

Being sincere and meaning well does not always prevent you from getting in trouble. Try to steer clear of other people’s lives and choose your words carefully. Saying nothing is often the best way to go. This is how you can mitigate the Curl Tongue star which signifies gossiping and conflict.

Improving your health and fitness would mitigate the influence of the inauspicious Funeral Clothes star. Please give extra care to your elderly relatives.

亥 PIG will enjoy romance luck, as well as receiving wealth this year.

Golden Cart star for women could signify marrying into a wealthy family or receiving a gift from a man.

Sky Horse will help you make positive changes in your career, relocate or expand your business. In order to be successful, you need to stay active.

Tai Ji Noblemen will support you in every way. You can achieve your goals in business, career and education. It will help you to gain respect and to enjoy financial luck.

As auspicious as it may sound, this year is not the year to relax. You need to avoid dangerous situations. The Sky Dog Star is warning of danger associated with events such as robbery or accidents. If you are working in a hazardous environment, you may need to take extra precautions.

Elderly people need to take good care of themselves, avoiding funerals and visiting hospital wards. You can try to mitigate the Hanging Guest star by donating blood or paying for somebody else’s health treatment.

The year of the Metal Ox is the time to get grounded and go back to basics. This is the time when we can lay the foundations for our future. Things which we no longer need must go, so that we can embrace what is stable, genuine and sustainable.

Happy Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

恭喜发财 / 恭喜發財

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