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Editors Letter – Edition 17

by Master Janene Laird

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Year of the White Metal Ox 2021 – A Year of Recovery & Rebuilding!

The Lunar Year of the Metal Ox (Xin Chou) commenced on the 12th February and according to the Chinese Hsia Calendar it is symbolized by Yin Metal () sitting atop the Earth Ox ().

The Ox is the second sign in the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac and is a very hardworking, methodical animal.  2021 is also a year of strong Earth and Metal elements, ruled by the 6 White Star, indicating opportunities for making money and achieving career progression. 

In the cycle of the Five Elements, Earth supports Metal, so we can say that this combination represents a more harmonious relationship. Therefore we might hope that this year will be a more peaceful, prosperous time of renewal and recovery, where hard work and effort will determine the level of your success!

However whilst Yin Metal () is often associated with beauty, grace, sophistication and jewellery, it can also be a symbol of danger, so we should still beware of ongoing issues surrounding the covid-19 virus and the various vaccination programs which are being offered to us.

Furthermore, the Ox () is considered to be Winter Earth and lacking warmth due to an absence of Fire, so when considering both of these prevailing elements, we must consider the outlook for 2021 is still at times likely to be rather bleak and scary. 

So this year we must once again be patient, strong and resourceful. While being restricted due to ongoing covid-19 issues, we may stumble across something of great value right under our noses!  In fact holidaying at home, self-discovery and spiritual growth may be the key to re-discovering ourselves, our history, our culture and the land where we live.

Looking ahead Bazi tells us that Metal and Water energies continue to prevail not only throughout 2021, but also during the first half of 2022, which means that we are not likely to see a significant or long lasting improvement in our general state of affairs until the Tiger () kicks in around the beginning of June 2022.

This is because the Tiger () is the birth place of Fire in the Cycle of Elements and also a Travel Star, which suggests that worldwide optimism and international flights are finally likely to return to something resembling pre-pandemic levels. 

In the meantime we’ll continue to publish informative, interesting articles from some of our leading experts in the various fields of Chinese Metaphysics, so that we can all put this time of self-isolation to good use and emerge as wiser, calmer, clearer and more enlightened individuals.

Master Janene Laird (AFSM)

Feng Shui Today

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