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Feng Shui & The Age of 9

by Danielle Moody

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science of placement. As we move through the ages, so too does the timelines of Feng Shui. In fact there are specific periods, ages and timing of events that have a level of forecasting at its core. Currently, we are coming to the end of a 20-year cycle, namely the Age of 8. From February 4, 2024, we officially enter the Age of 9 and can celebrate the qualities, attributes and characteristics which that Age brings.

The Age of 9 is known to have the following key attributes:

  • Li Trigram – Middle Daughter
  • Health – Heart, Blood, Eye, Brain sensibilities come to the fore
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become more mainstream
  • Air travel – going up!!!

As we approach 2024, we can already see and feel the energies of the next Age. Energy is fluid and we need to consider this when planning events and forecasting.

Examples include:

Li Trigram – Middle Daughter

Women in Leadership roles – Vanessa Hudson has been named Qantas CEO, due to start end 2023, plus Linda Yaccarino named as next CEO of Twitter by Elon Musk.

Countries with female Leaders, Prime Ministers or Presidents include Iceland, Norway, Serbia, Sweden, Estonia, Bangladesh, Denmark, Barbados, Lithuania, Gabon, Greece, Hong Kong.

Global protests focusing on Women’s rights, equality and fairness are becoming more common and televised.

Historically, we can look at the previous Age 9 (1844 – 1863) for clarification and note both Empress Dowager Cixi of China and Queen Victoria of the UK were prominent rulers during this time.

More recently, we see women appear in unprecedented roles. In fact during King Charles III Coronation, a Conservative politician named Penny Mordaunt, who led the Ascension Council Ceremony for King Charles III in September 2022, was the Sword bearer, a role historically performed by men. She also holds the position of Lord President of the Privy Council and was the first women in history to perform the role of passing the Sword of State. Indeed she was on the world stage for all to see!

Given we are governed by the Li Trigram for 2024 to 2044, we can anticipate middle aged females will take more prominent roles in society and the public stage. We may see more CEO’s, World Leaders, Key Figures and Women in Technology leading the way and providing a more significant influence during this time.

Health – Heart, Blood, Eye, Brain

The fire element represents specific body parts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, including the heart, blood, eyes and brain. These areas of the body will be those most triggered during the Age of 9, giving rise to more ailments and concerns.

So why are we preoccupied with the Fire element during this time?

In the original Lo Shu or Magic Square, the #9 Star appears in the South sector, which is the only sector governed by the Fire element. Qualities, emotions and body parts that comprise the Fire element include:

  • Body Part / Ailment  –  Emotion
  • Heart attack –  Happiness
  • Coronary disease – Joy
  • The Pericardium  – Excitement
  • Stroke – Anxiety                         
  • Brain
  • Eyes
  • Blood and circulatory concerns
  • High blood pressure
  • Small Intestine 
  • Insomnia

Why now? Why is this something to be aware of?

With the departure of Yin Fire in 2017, the Fire element has largely been absent. Whilst there has been some Fire buried in the Hidden Heavenly Stems of a couple of the annual Year Branches, it won’t really begin to re-emerge until the Snake year of 2025, followed by the brilliant Yang Fire Horse year of 2026. Until then, we’ll need to be mindful of the absence of this optimistic quality, which brings such warmth, happiness and joy to our lives.

In the meantime, be sure to maintain your health checks and reviews of these specific zones to minimize potential illness. Sleep well and take time for adequate rest to deal with overzealous thoughts, insomnia and hyperactivity of the mind and body.

Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Cryptocurrency & Online Transactions:

As expected, the age of technology has progressed tremendously over the last 20 years. Facebook was only in its infancy in 2004 (start of Age 8) and now we are hard-pressed to go a day or even an hour without using it or some other social media platform such as other Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter.

The technological age won’t slow down during Age 9 and AI will likely become more mainstream. We are already hearing rumors of ChatGPT (released in Nov 2022), preparing university essays, dictating bibliographies in a matter of seconds, and narrating a host of other documents in record time.

This along with the re-navigation of work hours, zoom calls and words like Metaverse being language of the day, we’ll see technology and AI becoming a more significant player in how our everyday lives are geared.

No longer do we see printed flyers in mailboxes advertising products. Instead, our phones, laptops, computers and screens are inundated with products, YouTube commercials, and users of all ages and demographics, are availing themselves of this technology.

AI will likely accelerate this usage over the coming decade or so, creating even more opportunities on a broad scale. Coupled with other technological advancements, we are may even see our day to day becoming more automated.

Online transactions are the “norm” and more and more investors see cryptocurrency as a viable method of investment. With the enthusiasm the Fire element brings, I suspect people will be more motivated than ever in exploring and ultimately using these devices to improve their lives. 

Air Travel – Going Up!

Another manifestation of the Fire element of Age 9 is air travel and exploration. This is because the energy of Fire ascends or ‘goes up’ which naturally leads to aviation and space travel as two areas that are likely to see significant growth during the next two decades.

Again, we can take a sneak peek at history to see what Age 9 reveals. During the last age, Hot Air Ballooning was being explored, with constant trials, improvements, failures and advancement taking place. But it wasn’t until 1849, that a young boy was launched in a glider, with a support team in hot pursuit from high ground. Reportedly, this is the start of flight in a machine that was heavier than air, containing a passenger.

In recent times, we have already seen leaders of businesses, technological companies and airlines show their desire to head into space and conquer the boundaries of earth. We can expect this desire will only be amplified over the coming years. I strongly suspect we will also see a push to have more women Astronauts and Aeronautical Engineers with Space Majors make their way into the field in more prominent positions. In fact just recently we saw a female astronaut aboard Elon Musk’s Space rocket!

The qualities and characteristics listed above are only some that will present over the coming 20 years. There will always be opportunities for everybody to explore their potential, carve new areas of study, work, personal pursuit and expansion (a big Age 9 word!!!), but I am hopeful that we will see everyone have the ability to really step up at this time.

May they become the brightest, burning, vibrant, passionate, intense, fiery, positively explosive version of themselves!

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Amani July 18, 2023 - 2:52 am

Amazing article, but can we know which flying stars will be timely and which untimely? Thanks

Master Janene Laird August 1, 2023 - 10:52 am

Hi Amani. In Period 9 the most timely Flying Star energy will of course be Star #9 which is considered to be Current Prosperity, followed by Star 1# which is considered to be Future Prosperity. Due to it’s strong association with illness and obstacles we do not consider Star 2# to be timely or usable yet and do not recommend that this energy be activated until Period 1 arrives in 2044. Although Star #6 and #8 are not timely, they are still considered to be usable, as they are part of the auspicious White Stars Trilogy. Star #4 is also usable because of it’s He Tu connection with Star #9, but we recommend you treat Stars #3 and #7 with caution as they are problematic. Hope this helps to clarify.

marilyn October 5, 2023 - 9:02 am

Thank you for this article. My question is on how to support Star 9 from 2024. I presume wood and fire are helpful, but is water also now advised, which would usually dampen fire? If so must it be yang water, or would any water be considered helpful?

Master Janene Laird October 11, 2023 - 11:34 am

Hi Marilyn,

Thank you for your questions about activating the timely Water Star #9 in Period 9. Yes you are correct in that you can primarily support the fire energy of Star #9 elementally with Wood and Fire. This includes wooden or bamboo decorative objects and furniture, plants and green tones (Wood). It also includes candles, lamps and red, orange, pink or purple decorative tones.

In addition you can place a water feature inside your home in the sector where the Water Star #9 is located, as moving water will also help to activate it’s timely, prosperous qualities. However always bear in mind that you need to take into consideration other immediate less beneficial factors which may be stirred up by active water ie. a Water Star #5

If you would like to know more about Period 9 then may I direct you to the IFSA website at http://www.intfsa.org and the Master Series Webinars under the ‘Events & Gallery’ tab. Here you will find a series of free webinars which are excellent and I draw your attention in particular to the presentation on Period 9 by Grand Master Raymond Lo. Hope this helps.

marilyn October 5, 2023 - 9:11 am

Thanks for the good article.
To support water star 9 in Age 9 would we use water, or only wood and fire?


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